Frequency Asked Questions:

T-5 / T5 Conversion

Can I keep the stock Mustang clutch linkage and still use the T-5 bellhousing for my T-5 conversion?

Yes, We offer a fulcrum kit that bolts to the inside the T-5 bellhousing that allows the original clutch fork to be used with this new bellhousing. Using the T-5 bellhousing allows you to use the equalizer bar / Z- bar.

Q: Where can I locate the bellhousing part number and determine which one it is?

A: The small 289 bellhousing has the part number on the starter nose cone area towards the engine side.

The Small Block Ford - SBF V8 289, 302, 351W, 351C Boss 302 & 250 6 cyl engines all share the same 6 bolt pattern on the black of the engine block.

The 6 bolt small bellhousing that supports the 157 tooth flywheel have the following Ford part numbers:

C5DA-6394-A - C9OA-6394-A - D2OA-6394-AA -